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The Pro Players & Entertainers Network™ is proud to be aligned with an impressive roster of corporate sponsors. To learn more about how your organization can take part, please contact us for more information on how your organization can benefit from a relationship with us.

In each endeavor, we create tremendous impact when we pool our capabilities with contributions from organizations and corporations like yours.  In turn, all parties are significantly rewarded:

    • Proceeds are maximized to the advantage of deserving charities.
    • Your corporate contributions are optimally utilized.
    • Events arouse media attention, placing your company’s sponsorship in the spotlight (if you choose).
    • All participants reap immense satisfaction while creating goodwill within the community as well as within your company.
    • By joining our team, you obtain rights to utilize the PPEN logo in your marketing materials.
    • As a sponsor or interested group, you will enjoy access to our roster of professional athletes and celebrities for your organization’s golf events, speaking engagements, endorsements and more.
    • We offer our assistance in planning, developing, and facilitating any event in light of your marketing goals for maximum returns.