The Pro Players & Entertainers Network ™ (PPEN) – A Space for Retired NFL Players to Unite Behind One Voice!

The Pro Players & Entertainers Network ™ (PPEN) is an interactive social and business network of retired professional athletes and players which has been developed as an ambitious player advocacy program. Created by Dr. Joseph Profit former NFL #1 draft pick for the Atlanta Falcons in 1971. The PPEN social networking platform and player advocacy program provides retired athletes and players’ assistance with healthcare and special medical issues,as well as, career transition needs, after sports career counseling, marketing and lobbying. The PPEN advocacy program will also help protect and preserve the intellectual property rights of retired players and help them meet their future financial goals and needs.

It is a documented fact that only 2% of retired players and athletes move on to successful careers when they are done playing sports. Dr. Profit, a member of this thin minority, became a successful entrepreneur creating a wealth of income for himself and those around him. A key to his success was his networking skills and an uncanny ability to put the right people together in a team environment to get huge results. Recognizing an immediate need to foster an environment where individuals could network and success stories could be shared, advice given and benefits would be offered, the Pro Players & Entertainers Network ™ (PPEN) was formed.

Now like-minded individuals can mix and mingle with up and coming pro athletes, high profile executives, and celebrities to create a pool of resources that can propel any business or individual to immediate success. Unlike other social networks our community is heavily moderated, thereby providing a secure environment that prevents spamming, and abuse.

We invite you to join our private community. We welcome you to share your visions, stories of success, tales of failure, moments of triumph and more. We have also partnered with several companies to bring you exclusive member benefits.

Our members enjoy discounts from preferred vendors including (but not limited to):
1.     Procare RX – A money saving way for members to get their prescriptions
2.     Russell Athletic – The clothing choice of athletes at a discount
3.     Godwin Motors – Your source for high quality luxury vehicles at a great price!
4.     American Airlines – Preferred Discounts on air travel and hotels
5.     PGA Superstore – The largest selection of golf equipment at the best prices
6.     Sorrell Dental – Making your smile the best it can be at the best price!
7.     Greenberg Traurig Law Firm – To handle all of your confidential legal affairs
8.     Put Your Company HERE! Contact us for more information
Remember to mention your PPEN Membership when contacting our preferred vendors for services!

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